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The Readers' Favorite Book Contest

The Readers' Favorite Book Contest announced the Award Winners on September 1st, 2016 and my book, Escape from Netherworld, won a Bronze Medal in the Fiction - Adventure Category.

I am sorry that I have not posted to my blog for so many months, I had some problems at my home. My living room ceiling collapsed due to a roof leak that I did not know about and my retaining wall holding up part of my front yard came down as well. It has been a long 8 months of replacing my roof, gutters, the living room ceiling, plastering, painting and rebuilding the retaining wall outside. With work, it has not left much time for anything else.

I hope that going forward that I will have more time for my blog, connecting with friends and fans on social media sites as well as getting my second book in the series finished so I can get it published when ready.

I also am looking forward to having some extra time to catch up on new books from my favorite authors as well as some lesser known but just as exciting and brilliant independent authors.

I will have a new update on my second book in the Netherworld Trilogy soon and hope that everyone will continue to check back, as I am looking forward to updating my book much more often again.

I hope everyone had a great summer and I am looking forward to Football Season being back!
David Kuklis

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